Longrich Alkaline Cup


Longrich Alkaline Cup is another superb product from Longrich Bioscience International that helps boost your body’s natural PH levels through its unique filtration technology that transforms normal drinking water into alkaline ionized water.

This chemical transmutation enables the bloodstream to transport oxygen effectively, thereby neutralizing free radicals responsible for premature ageing.

Daily consumption of alkaline ionized water from the Longrich Alkaline Cup helps improve brain function and a healthy memory. It’s also capable of triggering quick recovery from sickness.

Longrich Alkaline Cup is among the Longrich Energy Series products.


Longrich Alkaline Cup Benefits

It turns your drinking water to alkaline water when properly activated, and balances the PH level.
It’s very useful for smokers, alcoholics, and narcotic users as it helps repair damaged cells caused by oxidants.
It has the ability to expel acidic contents in the human body.
It has the ability to reduce low-density lipoproteins (the bad cholesterol).
It helps the cell become permeable for easy nutrients assimilation.
It increases the absorption of water in the human body.
It helps aid weight loss when used during workouts.
It helps relieve stomach ulcer pain and useful for hypertensive patients.
It activates anti-aging effects due to its antioxidant properties.

The Alkaline Cup is part of the Longrich Energy Products collection and among the Longrich products for high blood pressure.

Additional information

How to Activate

Step 1. Pour warm water into the Alkaline cup and leave for 30 mins to activate the filter. Pour out the water after 30 mins.

Step 2. Pour clean drinking water into the Alkaline Cup for 10 mins; cover tightly and shake vigorously, pour away the water and rinse the filter with clean drinking water.

Step 3. Pour in clean drinking water and cover the Cup for another 10 mins. Get a glass cup or any transparent cup after 10 mins and pour some water from the Alkaline Cup into the cup.

Step 4. Add 4 drops of the water tester into the glass cup containing the water from the Alkaline Cup, compare the watercolour to the water tester chart to determine its PH colour value.

The PH colour value should turn blue if you've followed the process accordingly. If that's not the case, repeat the process until you achieve the best PH colour value.

Important: Do not drink the water with the tester in it. Once you achieve a better PH colour value, pour away the water and refill the Alkaline Cup with clean drinking water. Check vigorously and drink.


Never use the water from the Longrich Alkaline Cup to take medications. Wait between an hour after taking your medications before drinking the water again.

Be cautious when using the Alkaline Cup and store it in a safe place. Do not allow it to drop off your hand else its alkaline material will be damaged.


Only drink water from the Longrich Alkaline Cup directly from the cup to retain its efficacy. Do not pour into another cup before drinking.

Longrich Alkaline Cup is not a water purifying device. Its job is to turn your clean drinking water into alkaline ionized water. Therefore, use it only with clean drinking water.

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