Longrich Energy Pot 28cm


Designed by the use of Field Synergy Technology Effect and protected by China’s intellectual property rights, Longrich Energy Pot can enhance the body’s resistance to hypoxia, fatigue, and diseases.

Unlike foods cooked in regular pots, foods cooked in Longrich Energy Pot stay fresh without losing their nutritional values. They also retain their original flavours. Vegetables cooked or kept in this pot remain fresh and healthy even after days of storage.


Benefits of Longrich Energy Pot

There is only one reason we eat food; to provide nutrients needed for our survival. However, the quality of the nutrients we get from the food we eat is often threatened by overcooking, which is caused by excessive heat during the cooking processed. That is where Longrich Energy Pot is needed.

The Longrich Energy Pot helps keep the freshness of our food at its peak, preserving the original nutrients of the food. It also helps enhance the real tastes of the foods and their flavours. The Longrich Energy Pot regulates the amount of heat energy during the cooking process through its Field Synergy Technology effects, thereby retaining up to 85% of the nutritional values.

Some of the benefits of Longrich Energy Pot are:

  • Retention of the original flavours of our foods
  • Preservation of the freshness of vegetables stored or cooked in the pot
  • Retention of up to 85% of our foods’ nutritional values
  • Retention of the tenderness and freshness our foods even after days of storage
  • Enhancement of our body’s resistance to diseases, fatigue, and loss of appetite
  • Reduction of our body’s need for food supplementation since our foods are now highly nutritious

If you care so much about your health and that of your family, then Longrich Energy Pot should be your indispensable cooking companion. When you combine the foods cooked in the pot and the water from the Longrich Alkaline Cup, you’ll only experience one thing: quality health at its peak.


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