Longrich Mosquito Repellent


Don’t fall for the menace of malaria. Protect your family from mosquito bites with the effective Longrich Mosquito Repellent. When applied to the body, it hampers the insect’s ability to locate your body to feed on.

Longrich Mosquito Repellent is safe, effective, and affordable. It doesn’t cause oxidation nor skin irritation. Use it to protect your family from mosquito bites and stay malaria-free.


Longrich Mosquito Repellent

An organic safe solution to repel mosquito bites anywhere

Longrich Mosquito Repellent is an effective product you can use to keep mosquitoes away from your body for up to eight hours. Now your family can enjoy adequate protection from malaria. Spray it on the external part of your body to get effective protection against mosquito bites.

It is recommended for people working night shifts like truck drivers, conductors, and company staff. It has a sweet scent which means it can be applied as a perfume. The Mosquito Repellent does not cause oxidation or skin irritation. Add it to your skincare products‘ collection. Place your order today.


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