Longrich Starter Combo


Longrich Bioscience International is a 35 years old award-winning Chinese manufacturing company with offices in over 180 countries across the globe. They manufacture highly effective organic skincare, health care, and household products distributed under the direct sales model.

By using their products, many people have experienced numerous benefits in their health and wellbeing. The business opportunity presented by their direct sales compensation plan has placed many Longrich product users in a financial status that could only have been a wish.

Today, the same opportunity awaits you on a silver platter. But the question is: will you take the advantage or allow it to slip away? All it takes is to switch your brand to Longrich right now by choosing any of the Longrich Starter Combo Options.


Longrich Starter Combo Benefits

Longrich Starter Combo is a low-cost Longrich Distributorship Package that makes it easy for students to enrol in Longrich business opportunity. Each Longrich Starter Combo Options consist of products pre-selected by the company.

These products are some of the bestselling Longrich products you can use for yourself or resell to recoup your capital and make profits. It’s one of the easiest ways for tertiary students to own a business.

When you join Longrich with any of the Combo options, you’ll automatically become a Q-silver member of the company. The Q-silver status qualifies you to earn referral commissions when anyone switches their brand to Longrich with any of the Longrich Starter Combo options through your membership code.

After you signed up, we will guide you on how you can succeed just like most happy members within our network, provided you have a clear vision for the business. There are lots of learning to do if you want to make it big in Longrich. Our team is ever ready and committed to helping you achieve the desired success.

Additional information

Package Name

Starter Combo

Package Type

Student's Pack

Package Options

Option A and B

Option A Contents

2. Longrich Mosquito Repellents
1. Longrich White Tea Toothpaste 200g
1. Longrich Brightening Han Cream
2. Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk (Body Cream)

Option B Contents

2. Longrich Mosquito Repellents
1. Longrich Iron Zinc Calcium
1. Longrich White Tea Toothpaste 200g
1. Longrich White Tea Anti-Dandruff Shampoo