Longrich Vintage Liquor


Longrich Vintage Liquor, better known as the Longrich Health Wine, is a natural herbal wine with medicinal properties known for boosting libido in men and women. It works well when used together with Longrich Libao Male Capsule to improve potency, sustained erection, and sperm quality in men.


Longrich Vintage Liquor (wine) is a herbal wine useful in a variety of conditions. Its alcoholic content supports the Baroreflex Mechanism, promoting a consistent supply of blood to the heart, which may lower the incidence of low blood pressure in healthy adults.

Longrich Vintage Liquor Benefits:

Suitable for people with poor health, and for diminishing inflammation.
Triggers the prevention of a hormone that assists in the catabolism of fatty acids.
Helps increase the muscle mass which makes the body leaner and stronger.
Acts as a natural antibiotic.
Great for kidney, liver, heart, and lung health in healthy individuals.
It helps boost sexual performance and sperm count in men.
Useful for people with benign and malignant tumors.
It inhibits the spread of pathogenic organisms.
Revives dead cells, feeds and protects the cells.
Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels
It is referred to as a Chinese traditional healing medicine.
It helps correct and prevents frigidity in women.

Longrich Vintage Liquor aids the digestion of foods and may also accelerate the development of the mammary gland. Works well when combined with Longrich Libao Capsules for men and Longrich Mengqian for women.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Not Suitable:

For pregnant women, underage individuals, people prone to drunkenness, ulcer patients, people suffering from cardiovascular disease, hepatic or renal insufficiency.


30 – 50ml daily. Can be diluted with water for those who rarely take alcohol.


38% Volume


18+ (may differ in some countries)