Rida Herbal Capsules


Rida Herbal Capsules is 100%, all-natural herbal capsules designed to help you maintain optimal health. To fully understand Rida Herbal Capsule, and why it’s essential to your daily health regimen, download The Rida Bitters Manual, which contain every information you’d ever need.


Rida Herbal Capsules Uses and Review

Rida Herbal Capsules is a variant of Rida Herbal Bitters, but with the same ingredients and efficacy. Other than the form, there’s no difference between the two. Rida Herbal Capsule is good for travelers, and people not comfortable with the taste of the Bitters. Rida Herbal Capsule may help repair and protect your body from oxidative stress-induced damage.

Made with five carefully selected herbs and root extracts, Rida Herbal Capsule may help boost your body’s antioxidant level, decrease the formation of free radicals, and thus, giving you protection against life-threatening diseases like diabetes, stroke, hypertension, heart failure, depression, malaria, typhoid fever, premature aging, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis, and so on.

Rida Herbal Capsules has the same unique detoxification effect, like the Rida Herbal Bitters, which eliminates free radicals from the body system without causing you discomfort.

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Additional information

Weight0.25 kg

90 Capsules

Active Ingredients

Hunteria Umbellata, Uvaria Charmae, Senna Alata, Colocythis Citrullus, Curgulico Pilosa


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