Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female


Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female is for women and ladies suffering from acute or chronic disorders, stroke, arthritis, rheumatism, other degenerative diseases and their symptoms, and general body weakness.

It’s astonishing what this shoe can do. It requires only three minutes to activate, after which you’ll start feeling its effects immediately.

Did we mention you can test it before you order? Oh yeah – we’re that confident. Give it a try, and thank us afterwards. It could be the solution you’ve been trying so hard to find.


Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female is an ideal combination of traditional Chinese medicine, innovative health therapy, modern bio-applied science, and exclusive mechanical correction technology.

It is produced using the finest curative raw materials, macromolecule, nanomaterial, tourmaline, stone needle, sandalwood, lilac, super magnetic materials, and superior calfskin leather.

Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female is extraordinarily stylish while its design boasts of elegant Italian craftsmanship.

The concept behind the shoe is based on a combination of five medical theories which are as follows:

Body Meridians and Collaterals Theory
Holographic Embryo Theory
Blood Circulation Theory
Pedicure Theory
Bio Magnetic and Ergonomics Theory

Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female Actions


It Unblocks all meridians, channels, and collaterals.
It activates self-repair and self-healing potentials in the human body.
It stimulates blood circulation to all organs in the body.
It promotes metabolism and eliminates toxins from the blood.
It boosts energy and stamina naturally.
It balances and aligns all angles of the bones, thereby correcting joint issues.

Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female Use Cases

Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe Female is super-effective, safe, reliable, durable, convenient to wear, and with no side effects.

Longrich Energy Shoe is suitable for the following individuals:

People who frequently experience tiredness.
People who are suffering from chronic diseases and insomnia.
People who are on constant medication.
People with an active lifestyle (sportsmen/women) who want high performance.
Lactating and nursing mothers as it promotes recovery.
People that have arthritis, rheumatism, bone, and other joint issues.
People that are suffering from paralysis as a result of stroke, no matter how bad.
People that are suffering from lumbar and cervical spondylosis.
People with hormonal imbalance.
People that are suffering from painful and irregular menstruation.
People that are suffering from cardiovascular disease.
People that are suffering from degenerative diseases and patients who use wheelchairs.

The Longrich Energy shoe works excellent for people suffering from stroke and severe arthritis. Visit the “shop by health conditions” section for more health conditions.

Additional information


376,000 NGN


Not suitable for pregnant women.
Not suitable for women with cerebral, retinal, internal hemorrhage (internal bleeding).
Not suitable for people wearing pacemakers.
Not suitable for people with high fever.


After 1 minute of activation: You'll begin to experience instant energy.
After 10 minutes: You'll begin to notice a significant reduction in pain when pressure is applied to the disease reflex area.
After 3 days: Strength is regained, and the spine is strengthened.
After 90 days: All meridians and channels are unblocked, plus significant improvement in condition.


Keep Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoe away from water or mud to avoid damage to the energy material.


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