Longrich Mengqian Capsule

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Longrich Mengqian Capsule for women is a product packed full of amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, vitamin B and minerals. It’s a must-have dietary supplement for women seeking to improve their looks, delay senility, address hormonal imbalance, and improve fertility.

Longrich Mengqian may help resolve physiological issues that trigger an inferiority complex in most women. If you are a woman and wants to improve your wellbeing, Longrich Mengqian Capsule is for you. Combine it with Longrich Berry Oil Capsule for a new YOU.


Longrich Mengqian Capsules Benefits


It helps tighten loosened stomach skin in women who have given birth.
It reduces acne and pimples and promotes a healthy complexion.
It is very useful in improving hair quality in women.
It reduces stress from the mind and adjusts the nervous system.
It detoxifies the system, cleans and clears the skin, and makes you look younger.
It can take care of hormonal change cases caused by liver disease or the use of oral contraceptives.
It regulates metabolism, improves eyesight, and alleviates insomnia.
It enhances fertility in women and assists the conception hormone.

You should use Longrich Mengqian Capsule if you are a woman. As a matter of fact, it should be a mandatory supplement to your diet. It’s also an organic product therefore you can use it with confidence knowing that the occurrence of side-effects is unlikely. Longrich Mengqian Capsule is excellent when used together with Longrich Berry Oil Capsule.

Additional information

Weight0.064 kg
Product Content

160 Capsules


2×2 Capsules Daily (Morning and Night)

Important Notice

Not Suitable for Children and Men.

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  1. Joyce Ifenna (verified owner)

    As a lady, this is one of the best food supplements I’ve used. It’s such an effective product. I won’t say more than this to avoid leaking some personal secrets lol. Please, ladies, give this product a try especially if you want to conceive; and more.

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