Longrich Superbklean Panty Liner


Longrich Superbklean Panty Liner can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria (according to Longrich Bioscience International). The aid of the Anion Strip helps eradicate fetid odour and itching from the genitals.

It helps protect you from toilet infections, supports the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. It helps purifies the blood and balances the autonomic nervous system, promoting sleep and healthy digestion.


Introduction to Longrich Superbklean Panty Liner

Longrich Superbklean Panty Liner is one of the best selling products of Longrich Bioscience International, and that’s for a reason. Longrich Panty Liner is an air-permeable, comfortable, and heavy absorbent pantyliner made from 100% cotton.

It contains the Anion Strip, which, when properly activated, provides incredible health benefits.

Here are some of the Longrich SuperbKlean Panty Liner Benefits:

It prevents all sorts of infections.
It’s an effective antibacterial.
Stops and prevents painful and irregular menstruation.
It’s an active remedy against male prostate conditions.
It keeps underwear dry and free of daily moisture.
It’s an effective remedy for fibroid and other gynaecological conditions.
It’s very effective against sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
It’s an effective pain reliever.
It enhances the immune system.
It’s a great stress reliever.
It eliminates boils and pains of an inflammatory nature.
…and much more.

If you are suffering from infection, boil, or abscesses that defied orthodox remedies, try the Longrich Panty Liner and the Longrich Cordyceps Militaris.

For personal hygiene use, order the Longrich Panty Liner Mini Pack instead.