Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g


Enjoy the antimalarial effects of Artemisia Annua extract. Artemisia Annua, also known as Sweet Sageworth, is one of the active ingredients of Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste.

Artemisia Annua is known to have been used by physicians around the world for the treatment of malaria. If you live in a mosquito-infested environment, this is the toothpaste for you.

Read the extended description below to see why this product is for you.


6 Benefits of Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste

So you already know that Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste has some antimalarial effects. Do you also know that Artemisia Annua extract reduces inflammation, alleviates gingivitis, reduces gingival bleeding, gingival swelling, and pains?

Here are reasons why using Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste is very beneficial for your oral health.

It improves oral health, tastes fresh and pleasant.
Formulated with a dental protection complex that helps freshen your breath so you can start that conversation with confidence.
Artemisia Annua helps boost the immune system, fights parasites that cause malaria, and maintains oral health ecology.
Contain fluoride that helps prevent tooth cavities.
It cleanses the surface of the teeth and protects the enamel due to its micro-sized hydrated silica content.
It reduces inflammation, alleviates gingivitis, reduces gingival bleeding, swelling and pains.

Go ahead and place your order right away. Even if you have doubts, a trial will surely convince you. Think this isn’t for you? Check out the Longrich Multi-effects White Tea Toothpaste.


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